Hello Broken Tooth!

Like I dont already have enough going on in my crazy immunosuppred body, I now have a broken filling/tooth that is “decayed down to the bone.”

I have horrible teeth. Genetics, bad sugar habit, and 24 years of prednisone (steroids) off and on can cause bad teeth. So thats what I have.

Anyway I was eating pizza when my tooth broke. Now I can only chew on the other sideof my mouth and its causing my TMJ to act all weird.

So, I get an emergency dental appointment on Monday. He said it was decayed down to the bone and “it has to go.” So Im sitting there waiting for him to come back when the assistant shows up with a medical release form. She said the dentist wants one of my doctors to medically say I can have the tooth extraction. Oh man I was so pissed I was ready to angry cry. What bullshit!

Like my diseases dont get in the way of my everyday life already, this happens. Im in pain and worried about infection. So I asked the assistant “are yall just gonna send me home with no infection prevention?” And she said “let me check” then another lady comes and brings a prescription for an antibiotic but tells me not to take it till I ask my doctor if its okay. Jeez. These people are serious.

So my rheumatologist cant see me for two weeks to fill out the form only if I have an appointment ugh 😑

Then, I asked rheumy about the strong antibiotic that lasts two weeks and they told me I have to stop my Benlysta (lupus medication) for those two weeks.

This has stressed me to the max yall. Ughhhhh.

As always, much love and peace dudes-kc

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