Socials or no?

I used to talk about my medical ninja A LOT life on my tiktok. However, Im heading in a direction of art only on there and my YouTube channel. I’m doing the whole branding thing for my business on those two outlets. I’m doing something with the channels that I have been wanting to do for over a year… BUT!

I miss making my medical ninja content though but I really dont want it mixed with my art content. I have tried having two different accounts but it was too overwhelming for my bipolar brain and my lupus and my anxiety!

Thats why I started this blog—was to write about my medical ninja life. However I miss the interactions with others on those platforms (tiktok and youtube).

This is really bothering me and I dont know what to do. Do I keep spreading awareness through some form of social media or do I just stick with writing only?

What do you think? All suggestions welcome 🤗

As always, much love and peace dudes! -kc

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